Noise Shots X5 Charge True Wireless Earbuds: Review

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Today, the trend of truly wireless earbuds has caught on with companies. Many reputed companies dominate this market with best-in-class audio quality but also carry big prices. However, Indian brand Noise has been making substantial inroads of late and recently launched Noise Shots X5 earbuds is something to appreciate and behold.


Enjoy uninterrupted, crystal-clear music on the go with the Noise Shots X5 Charge Truly Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case. These stylish Bluetooth earphones pack the latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology for longer battery life, faster pairing and better range than ever before. 

Obviously designed to fit comfortably in your ears and stay secure even with the most active lifestyles. Built-in MIC for Calls and Siri Google voice command. It comes with IPX5 which is sweat and water resistance, protects the headphones from heavy rains or sweat. With a balanced sound signature and clear distortion-free audio, the Shots X5 CHARGE earbuds are great for all-day listening without fatigue.


In general, most Bluetooth earphones and headphones are not been pleasing to audiophiles. However, the X5 wireless earbuds promise up to five times more bass than the competition, along with an impressive and immersive audio quality.

Noise shots X5 found them to be loud enough as well as the sound was crisp. It had a decent amount of bass and thump. However, it does tend to mix up the bass and sub-bass. The audio is well balanced between the right and left earbuds. There is no noticeable lag in the sound between the left and right earbuds. Neither, I found any audio lag while streaming Prime Videos, YouTube and Netflix.

Noise’s Shots X5 automatically convert to mono mode while on a call. The earbuds also feature an integrated custom voice assistant. But, this is the part that made me disappointed. The mic resides only on the right earbud. So, there is no noise cancellation microphone on the left side. Finally, the earbuds deliver a well-balanced soundstage, with rich and full sound


The X5 earbuds are pretty easy to set up. The Noise Shots X5 comes with Bluetooth v 5.0 and the best would come out when you use it with a Bluetooth 5.0 mobile device.

Additionally, Bluetooth v5.0 TWS (a first among any Indian brand) offers extended playtime, seamless audio transfer with zero lag and a more stable connection. You have to switch off the Bluetooth of the connected device first and then pair the earbuds with the other devices. If you leave them powered on outside the case, they automatically switch off after a while. 

Coming to battery capacity, the Noise Shots clearly ace this section. The Noise Shots X5 truly wireless earbuds are capable of running up to 4-5 hours on a full charge.

The standby time on the X5 earbuds is just outstanding. In a day of moderate usage where we listen to music on and off where the buds are connected via Bluetooth to my phone the entire time. we were surprised to see that they actually lasted 10-12 hours without putting them back in the charging case.


  • Compatible devices:   Android and iOS
  • Battery average life:  4 Hours
  • Battery Capacity:   2200mAh
  • Connector Type:   Bluetooth
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Bluetooth version:   V5.0


  • Battery Life   
  • Good built quality  
  • Light weight


  • Uneasiness after a long time
  • Hard buttons


 For its immersive sound quality, the Noise Shots X5 is an excellent, affordable alternative to expensive wireless earbuds.The battery life is pretty amazing and has one of the leading noise cancellation technology in the industry. A pair of buds for commuting needs or workouts which makes sense is Noise Shots X5.

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