Mi Band 4 Review

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The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the latest fitness smart band equipped with a bigger brighter display, battery capacity bump and more features compared to the predecessor. I have been using the Mi Band 4 for a few days and I have found that it is useful, well-priced and value for money similar to the earlier fitness trackers from the company.  At a cheap price, you’re getting activity tracking basics like step counting and sleep monitoring, and you’re also getting more. For the first time, we’re getting a color touchscreen display, swim tracking to make use of its waterproof design and smartwatch features, such as the ability to control music playback from your Mi Band. Read the full Review on Mi band 4 and its features.

mi band 4


At first glance, the Mi Band 4 looks just like its predecessor, the Mi Band 3 with a neat design and looks classy on the wrist.

The curvaceous module seamlessly sits into the silicone strap and you can remove it for charging easily without any struggle, but the screen in the Mi Smart Band 4 isn’t as curvy. It’s not flat either like the screen in the Mi Band 2.

The Mi Smart Band 4 packs a 0.95-inch AMOLED screen that offers a resolution of 120 x 240 RGB and brightness of up to 400 nits. The most discernible change in the new Mi Band 4 is the brightness and I was able to view contents better under direct sunlight, which was one of the -ve points in its predecessor.

 Due to the AMOLED screen, the text messages are clear and easily readable on Band 4. The Mi Smart Band 4 also alerts users about incoming calls and lets them silent or reject them. The Mi Smart Band 4, similar to the Mi Band 3, still doesn’t let users pick calls. Users will still need their phone to take incoming calls which is one of the pain points.

The last thing to really talk about here is the waterproofing. Xiaomi has once again slapped the Mi Band with a 5ATM rating, which means you can shower with it and take it swimming making it a tracker you can truly wear 24/7.


Mi Band 4 is very easy to set up, as you simply have to install the Mi Fit app on your mobile and pair it. One of the most interesting features of the Mi Fit app according to me is the night mode which dims the display of the Band 4 automatically at sunset or during the scheduled duration. Mi Band has the simplest gesture-based interface for a fitness band.

The various smart fitness features are enabled in this band. It tracks heart rate. It monitors sleep. It can also track activities treadmill, exercise, outdoor running, cycling, walking, pool swimming; Count steps, distance, and finally show total calories burned.

To test the heart rate, users will need to switch to the heart monitor screen on the Mi Band 4 by scrolling down on the home page and long-press the touch button. Compared to the results of the heartbeat sensor of the Mi band 4 with its predecessor, the latest tech works fine. Apart from the heart rate monitoring and calculating distance walked or run, thanks to the 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope motion sensors, you’re going to be able to count your steps, track distance. During the trial period, I managed to test steps count and have to say, it some times exaggerates the numbers.

For instance, if you are traveling on a bus and get stuck with slow-moving traffic. It sometimes registers that as steps taken by walking. The Mi Band 4 also has a sleep tracker feature. Based on the hand movements during the night, it can sense when the body is in deep sleep and light sleep.

It also offers some sleep quality analysis. This can range from telling you to go to sleep earlier to acknowledging that your deep sleep was short. It will even offer sleep regularity insights, comparing average sleep data in the last week and comparing sleep data to other Mi Band users. Along with those fitness tracking features, Xiaomi does find enough room to cram in some sports tracking skills, too. Mi Smart Band 4 also comes with additional features like Find Your Phone. This feature lets users find their misplaced phone. The Mi Band 4 also vibrates and alerts users about alarms. The Mi Band 4 can use the GPS on your phone, and it’s a rarity to find that kind of support on a device that costs very cheap.


The Mi Band comes packing a 135mAh capacity battery, which is up from the 110mAh packed inside of the Mi Band 3. It offers up to 20 days under standby mode. But, in terms of practical usage, it depends on how you use it. I can vouch for the battery life and it is incredible. If you enable the heart rate sensor and sleep tracker all day it will drain the battery power. But rest assured, the Mi Band 4 will last up two weeks easily.


  • Great color and bright touchscreen display
  • solid Interface
  • 20-day battery life      


  • overstate step counts
  • swimming pool performance


Over-all, the new Mi Band 4 is a cost-effective fitness tracker. The addition of features like the color touchscreen and improved smartwatch features make this the best Mi Band yet. The data seems more reliable than previous Mi Bands. The Mi Band 4 is a fitness tracker that does those basics well which brings big and bright display, incredible battery life, various smart and fitness features, decent design and so on. 

The Mi Band 4 represents excellent value for money and is the best fitness band available in India right now.

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