boAt Stone 200 Review: Compact Powerful Speaker!

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A Bluetooth speaker is used these days to boost the audio and used for a substitute for an inefficient laptop or mobile speaker. The BoAt has now become a familiar brand in the Indian market and many types of audio devices are launched from this brand. The BoAt Stone 200 is a compact rugged speaker with Bluetooth support. BoAt audio devices are known for their bass and this device doesn’t disappoint in terms of bass output.

boat stone 200


BoAt stone 200 has a rugged design with a rubber outer layer which makes the device shockproof. The speaker is a plastic material. It has an IP X6 waterproof rating. So there is no need to worry about using the speaker near the pool or in the bathroom. The device has a rubber strap on one of its top corners for hanging it or holding it. The device has an aux port and micro USB port for charging on the side of it covered with a rubber flap for preventing water to get into the device. There are 4 buttons on top. Two buttons are for volume control and one button for power control and a button for play/pause or attend the call function.

boat stone 200 buttons

Boat Stone 200 has a builtin microphone so that when it is paired to a mobile phone while Bluetooth, we can attend an incoming call through the speaker by pressing the call button. A short press on the Play/Pause button will attend the call and long press of that button will reject the incoming call.



We can connect multiple devices to the speaker and switching between the devices. This device despite its small size the output is very large. It supports Bluetooth 4.1. In terms of clarity, this device is not the best. It although produces loud sounds, it lacks in audio clarity. Minor glitches can be notices when the distance increases between paired devices. The Bluetooth range is about roughly 10 meters without any obstacles between the devices. The boat stone 200 comes with a 1500mAh lithium battery. It has an average playback time of 10 hours and time is taken for a full charge is nearly 4 hours and a standby time of 360 hours.


  • Water proof
  • Good battery life
  • It has AUX port
  • Bluetooth 4.1


  • Audio clarity is not too good
  • Has minor glitches


Final Verdict

boAt Stone 200 has a good audio output and it is very compact. It has a rugged rubber body which makes it suitable for rough handling. If you prefer audio output power than audio clarity, then you can go with this device.

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