Amazon Fire TV stick review

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The Amazon Fire TV stick is a fantastic device that turns your dull black screen into a Smart TV. Almost every feature of a smart TV is present in this small device. This tiny device when plugged into the HDMI port of your TV, a whole new streaming platform is obtained.


Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa voice remote

The Fire TV stick is available in two variants:

  • 1080p variant
  • 4K variant

One of our favorite features in this device is the new Alexa voice feature in the remote. Which makes it easy to search our favorite movies and TV shows. Just hold the button and ask Alexa to play your movie.

Technical Specifications:

Processor Quad-Core 1.3 GHz
Output Resolution 720p(HD) and 1080p(Full HD) up to 60fps
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1 + LE
Supported Audio Dolby Audio
Ethernet Support With optional Amazon Ethernet Adapter
Internal Memory 8 GB
Wi-Fi Dual-band ac

The new Alexa remote has a bonus Power and volume control buttons. The remote can automatically control the power and volume of the TV with the IR diodes.

Screen Mirroring Feature is also available.

The Remote:

The remote is very minimalistic. It has navigational buttons, Power button, Play/pause, Back, Fastforward, Rewind, Home, Settings, and mute buttons. It operates on two AAA batteries which are also supplied along with the box from amazon.

The Fire TV app can also be used to control the TV stick which is available for download in the Google Play Store and App Store. This app is connected to the device through Wi-Fi and this app has a trackPad and other features of the remote. The Power and volume control buttons are absent on this app as this feature needs IR blaster.

One of the amazing features of this Fire TV app is in search text bar we can type using our mobile qwerty keyboard rather than selecting a letter by letter in the remote.


  • Most of the streaming apps come with a free trial with this device.
  • Most of the streaming apps are supported by this device.
  • Alexa Voice remote is a bonus.
  • YouTube app is now available in it.
  • You can play with Alexa on your TV. ( You can even tell Alexa to order you a Uber or Pizza from your TV using Alexa Skills)


  • The UI is not fast enough.
  • Since the internal memory is 8GB we cannot install many apps.
  • Google apps are unavailable (Except YouTube)

Final Verdict:

This small device has lots of features. When compared to other streaming devices like Google Chromecast 3, this device has lots of interesting features.For a streaming type of guy who has all popular streaming platforms subscriptions, this device is a bonus. It can be independently control using a remote rather than controlling it using a mobile phone like in the case of chromecast. Go for it for extra juice for your Normal TV.



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